Polywood® Shutters


Sunburst’s Polywood® Shutters are the best-selling interior shutters in Salt Lake City and the surrounding area – and are completely made and assembled in America. Not just an eye-catching design, Polywood® Shutters are durable and offer industry-leading energy efficiency. That’s because the Polywood Shutter Insulating System helps to insulate your windows up to 70% more efficiently than traditional wood shutters. This translates to lower heating and cooling costs for our customers, and it’s just one of the many advantages that our specialists at Sunburst Shutters Utah can deliver! It’s all part of our dedication to top quality, expert precision, and gorgeous design.

Discover even more Polywood® plantation shutter advantages, and schedule a free in-home design consultation with your Sunburst Shutters Utah specialists today!


The Polywood® Shutters Difference

Made from a solid-engineered wood substitute, Polywood® Shutters are premium poly shutters that won’t crack, chip, warp, or split, regardless of how much sun exposure or temperature changes they endure. This outstanding durability is a result of baking and infusing our premium paint with UV stabilizers. Through this process, the paint chemically bonds with the materials, which makes Polywood® plantation shutters sunlight-resilient and ensures that they will never yellow or fade.

Another advantage to our Polywood® Shutters is their ability to block up to 30° of airflow that travels through windows. With our custom plantation shutters, your home is better defended and insulated against the elements, which means you save on costly energy bills.

At Sunburst Shutters, we’re dedicated to delivering long-lasting and durable products that are completely safe. In support of that commitment, Polywood® Shutters are cordless and made with hypoallergenic materials proven to be safe for children and pets.

The Polywood Shutter Insulating System Is Able To Save You Up To $1200 Through The Federal Energy Tax Credit

The patented Polywood Insulating System will stop up to 30° of temperature and curtail 45% in heat transfer. The dense faux wood and innovative weather stripping result in Polywood being the most energy-smart window treatment in Salt Lake City. That directly affords you savings on your cooling and heating bills. And Polywood shutters qualify for a 2023 federal tax credit up to $1200!

In addition, Polywood shutters not only withstand sun exposure, they also block up to 30° of temperature. They offer up to a 45% reduction in heat transfer, too. That directly affords you savings on your heating and cooling bills. Learn more about energy savings here.

Polywood Shutters In A Salt Lake City Bedroom

Polywood® Shutters Warranty

Polywood® Shutters are built to last forever. They have a lifetime warranty guarding against any defects in paint finish, installation, or materials. This warranty is backed by our 45+ years of industry experience. To find out what the warranty covers and its terms, read our official Polywood Shutters Warranty Doc.

Polywood® Shutters Inspiration

Want to see for yourself how Polywood® Shutters can transform your space? View our gallery below, and see our expert designs! Our professionals will custom-manufacture Polywood® Shutters to fit any window shape or size.

Polywood® Shutter Options

At Sunburst Shutters Utah, we don’t believe in cookie-cutter window solutions. As a result, our design experts will tailor Polywood® Shutters to your style preferences and precise window measurements. During the free consultation, our designers will guide you through the customization options below, offering recommendations based on your decor and preferences. Let us work with you to give your windows the treatment they deserve!



Tilt Rod

Frame Styles

Louver Sizes

Polywood Shutter Louver Size
  • 4.5" (for maximum views and minimal cleaning)
  • 3.5" (traditional plantation size)
  • 2.5" (smaller style)

Special Shapes

Polywood Specialty Shaped

Polywood® shutters work beautifully on special-shaped windows including arched, circle, octagon, rake, French doors, and other custom shapes.


Window Treatments made in the U.S.A.

All Polywood® plantation shutters are completely American-made.


Upgrade Your Windows With Polywood® Shutters

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