Salt Lake City Spring Cleaning Tips

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Spring is finally in the air, Salt Lake City! If you’ve been huddled inside the house to hide away from winter, now’s the perfect time to crack those windows and begin thinking about spring cleaning. You may have your typical spring cleaning regimen, but all too frequently homeowners can neglect a few important tasks.

These are some pointers to improve your spring cleaning from your floors to your shutters, so you’re able to enjoy our favorite season in Salt Lake City.

Spring Clean Your Windows

Spring Cleaning Tips Salt Lake City 

It’s normal to get up in the middle of March and realize that the less-than-stellar view out your bedroom window isn’t because of winter weather–it’s because of a dirty window. Spring is a great time to deep clean your windows. Get your awesome view back with the following instructions.

  • If your window opens, open it all the way and clean out any debris and dust in the track. Try first to clean out as much as you can with a dry cloth or small brush, then use warm soapy water and a rag to clean out the rest. This helps your window operate more easily, and make sure your window can shut completely.

  • Spray down the glass with a cleaning solution. You can use either a cleaner you buy at the store, or make a homemade cleaner using one part vinegar and two parts warm water.

  • Wipe the glass with a microfiber cloth. Microfibers are the most effective at cleaning glass and leave the least amount of streaks.

Don’t Neglect to Clean the Window Treatments

A clean glass window is no good if the window treatment isn’t just as clean.

For fabric window treatments like drapes or curtains, cleaning can be an issue. For thick fabrics, take them off the wall and take them outdoors to shake and get rid of any loose debris, then pop them in the washer on a cold cycle and air dry them. For thinner window treatments, you’ll need to be more delicate in how you handle them, so wash them by hand in a bathtub or sink.

Plantation shutters are probably the easiest window treatment when it comes to cleaning. Remove dust by wiping down with a microfiber cloth or barely damp rag. For spot cleaning, use a slightly damp cloth to take off any stain, then go over with a dry cloth.

Salt Lake City dining room shutters 

Now is also an awesome time to think about switching up your window treatments. Take a look at the Sunburst Shutters Salt Lake City Idea Gallery for some inspiration on new window treatments for your home.

Pay Attention to Your Appliances

Your fridge, oven and washer and dryer are just as much furniture as appliances. Especially with newer appliances like those made of stainless steel, looks can be just as important as function. Clean all the nooks and crannies of your appliances, and restore them to their original condition.

Stainless steel appliances can be shined up using a solution made of 1 tsp. dish soap and 1 qt. of warm water, cleaned with a damp cloth and air-dried.

Get Every Single Surface

You’re probably going to spend some time on your walls and floors when you do spring clean, but remember to spread some love around to some of those often neglected surfaces. Below are just a couple of the spots that are often skipped over when spring cleaning:

  • All switches or handles that get touched a lot. These could be on the toilet, on electronics, or anywhere else in your house.

  • All surfaces in your shower, like the door, floor, and soap ledge.

  • The top sides of your ceiling fan blades.

  • Appliance undersides - specifically the larger appliances such as your refrigerator164 and washer/dryer.

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Get Your Salt Lake City Home Looking Beautiful Again

Spring cleaning isn’t fun, but we’ve all got to do it. For more recommendations on cleaning and maintaining your window treatments, or if you’re ready to reinvigorate your space this spring with some new window treatments, call Sunburst Shutters Salt Lake City at 801-515-3598, or fill out the form below. We’ll come to where you live for a free no-hassle consultation and help you choose a perfect new window treatment to greet the season.