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Quality Faux Wood Shutters vs Inferior Faux Wood Shutters in Salt Lake City

May 06, 2019

There are many faux wood shutters on the market, but is there a difference between good faux wood shutters, like our Polywood® shutters, that will look nice for years and faux wood shutters that will wear out in just a short amount of time?

Just look at the faux wood shutter’s construction and details such as its sturdiness, finish, and energy efficiency potential.

Faux Wood Plantation Shutters in Salt Lake City 

Good faux wood won’t splinter, crack, chip or warp

All new window treatments seem great when first installed.  But shutters that are composed of shoddy materials such as second-rate composites, vinyl-wrapped particleboards, or flimsy louvers can start to bow, crack, splinter, or discolor.  This is especially evident in high-traffic rooms or in spaces that have high heat, cold, or moisture.  

Quality faux wood, like Polywood, is created from solid compounds that don’t disfigure, discolor or fall apart.  Its rigid design allows shutters to defy bowing, splintering, cracking, and chipping, even in high-moisture or extreme temperature rooms.  Looking at the warranty usually is the most accurate way to tell the durability of a faux wood shutter.  Businesses that give a lifetime guarantee have faith in their window treatments because they only use the best materials.

Polywood Shutters in Family Room in Salt Lake City 

Good faux wood doesn’t stain

Dusting is pretty much the same for all types of faux wood plantation shutters.  However, deep cleaning will pose tougher issues. Vinyl and comparable materials will soak up some moisture when cleaned with a damp rag.  Other faux wood shutters also have coatings that can trap dirt and stains so that they are almost impossible to keep clean.

Manufacturers that produce quality window treatments know that faux wood should be simple to wipe down.  For example, Polywood has a coating that is a cinch to wipe down quickly, so that your shutters appear spotless.  High-caliber faux wood is completely water resistant, so no matter what gets on the shutter, it will come clean with a little water or multi-purpose dusting spray.

Good faux wood is energy efficient

As you close your high-quality faux wood shutters, you should experience a definite difference in air flow and heat loss.  The non-hollow louvers and impenetrable materials will help close out sunlight that heats up a room and air transfer that can cool down the space.  The top faux wood shutters, like Polywood shutters, will even go further to bolster their energy efficiency through UV inhibitors and weather stripping.

Shutters crafted with an inferior composite will not offer the same energy benefits.  Those using shoddy composites or hollow louvers will still allow drafts through. As time goes on, substandard shutters can begin to sag and permanently separate the louvers.  To see if you bought a shoddy faux wood is to look at its R-rating. The larger the number, the more energy efficient the shutter.

Polywood Shutters in Salt Lake City Bathroom 

Contact your Salt Lake City representative and pick a great faux wood plantation shutter

Choosing a quality faux wood plantation shutter can sometimes seem like a struggle.  Luckily, our Sunburst representatives will be happy to bring you all our faux wood options, so you can select the right plantation shutter for your space.  To book a free in-home consultation, call 801-515-3598 today.