Is It Time To Replace Those Outdated Vertical Blinds In Salt Lake City?

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In the 1970’s, homeowners in Salt Lake City were searching for a window covering that would adequately cover large, picture windows and sliding glass doors. Hence, vertical -- or Venetian -- blinds came onto the scene as an efficient window covering that utilized long vinyl stats that hung loosely from a track.

However, we abandoned the 70s along with disco pants and pet rocks, and these once trendy treatments are starting to seem like yellowing relics that should go back to the past. Instead, there are more stylish and more energy-efficient treatments that help you update your rooms and replace those vertical blinds.

The Issues With Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds seemed innovative when they were the only game in town, but now we see them for their inefficiency rather than their advantages.

Panel track blinds in bright living room Plantation shutters on sliding door
  • They clatter together. With a modest airflow from a vent -- or even when someone wanders by -- they bang together.

  • They are brittle. You can easily pull apart a slat or misalign a vane so they won’t rotate or open right.

  • They show fingerprints and dust. Vertical blinds are usually derived of vinyl that yellows, fades, and can become stained with moisture or dirt.

  • They do not cover your windows. Because these window coverings wobble and break so easily, you can usually see plenty of light, even when they are shut.

What Are Some Better Window Treatments Than Vertical Blinds?

To improve your antiquated vertical blinds, you have plenty of great options:

Plantation shutters in kitchen

  • Plantation Shutters: Unlike vertical blinds, plantation shutters never go out of style. With their solid louvers, plantation shutters will stop sun glare and heat loss. They fully encase the window and they won’t be able to, which means they won’t sway in the breeze or break easily. If you use a faux wood plantation shutter, like our Polywood® shutters, then you’ll also get an extra layer of energy efficiency.

Window shades in room overlooking ocean
  • Cellular shades: Cell shades can take over for your vertical blinds on big windows, as they are made from a fabric material that modernizes your window treatments. Available in a variety of colors, these coverings can block outside light by opening and closing top-down or bottom-up. Cell shades also are available in sheer material so outside light can brighten the room so it’s not so dark. Find more options for window shades in Salt Lake City.

Panel tracks in sunroom
  • Panel Tracks: Panel tracks act like vertical blinds, as they hang loosely from a suspended track. These wood or fabric panels aren’t shown to have similar issues as vertical blinds though, with their big, overlapping panels.

Let Sunburst Shutters Help You Replace Your Old Vertical Blinds

If you’re thinking of replacing your obsolete vertical blinds, then just call your Salt Lake City Sunburst rep. We’ll come to you with different products to see what window treatment is best for your windows. It takes just one call for your no-cost consultation.