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How To Pick Child-Safe Window Treatments In Salt Lake City

October 24, 2016

Even though they’re effective at controlling sunlight, window coverings might introduce several hidden dangers to children in your Salt Lake City home. To illustrate, cords might pose a risk for entanglement or choking. Additionally, kids might get hurt by yanking down window treatments, and a number of products could also contain toxic materials.

Do your part to protect your family by buying safety window treatments in Salt Lake City like interior shutters and non-corded blinds and shades that don’t carry the same hazards that lesser quality products do.

Only Install Non-corded Options Around Small Children

A little boy peaking through white polywood shutters 

Regrettably, corded window coverings have been the cause of deaths and injuries with infants and small children. While some people try tucking the cords into the highest part of their window coverings, your kids are better protected if you don’t have strings at all. Interior shutters are always free of cords. They have panels on hinges that swing open and closed inside of a frame. These panels also have rows of movable slats that you can shift to achieve proper lighting. Interior shutters have no loose, hanging parts for children to get tangled up in and are ideal for kids’ play areas and bedrooms.

You might also choose non-corded window shades or blinds. Premium real wood and faux wood blinds have an option for a cordless system where you pull on the bottom rail to adjust them. And the majority of customized window shade types have cordless options that replace cords.

Select Solid Window Treatments When Your Family Has Curious Toddlers

 Kid's bedroom with white Polywood shutters

Sometimes, a dangling window drape or shade presents too much temptation for a curious tot to withstand. The product might tear, come loose from the wall, or land on top of the little one. And lightweight metal blind slats will distort or crack if toddlers get too rough with them.

Plantation shutters are the top child-safe window treatments in Salt Lake City. They are lasting installations that fasten securely to the wall or frame around your window and isn’t able to be yanked down. Their strong natural wood or composite wood will never rip and doesn’t scratch or dent from everyday usage. You will love how easy shutters are to maintain as well. Just wipe them down with a feather duster or dampened cloth to wash away grime and little handprints!

Because plantation shutters are so sturdy, they are also able to reduce the risk of kids toppling out of windows. If you crack a window for some outside air, blinds and other fabric coverings won’t keep your loved ones from clambering or tumbling out the window. Sturdy shutters, however, will halt a tiny body that pushes up against them. You can shut the shutter panels to prevent kids from getting out of the window and tilt open the slats to enjoy a bit of fresh air.

Avoid Treatments Made With Hazardous Materials

White polywood shutters in a little girl's bedroom 

You know you should keep toxic household chemicals out of reach of little ones, but various household furnishings might contain unsafe materials that you were unaware of. Soft window treatments can utilize dangerous and/or flame inhibiting chemicals and blinds can have coatings that release hazardous gasses.

To keep these dangerous substances out of your Salt Lake City home, use window treatments fabricated with pure, untreated materials and non-toxic finishes. Premium natural wood Ovation® shutters and Polywood® shutters, for instance, both have harmless coatings that don’t emit potentially dangerous gasses.

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