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White Polywood shutters within a large breakfast nook.

How To Choose An Interior Shutter Color In Salt Lake City

October 20, 2022

One of the advantages of elegant louvered shutters is their range of neutral colors, specifically curated for enduring home decor styles. But the question remains: How do you choose an interior shutter color in Salt Lake City? Should you choose wood-stained Ovation® shutters or go with a paint in a nice neutral color instead? Then you have classic white Polywood® shutters that match anything. If you’re stumped attempting to select from so many possibilities, consider these interior shutter color ideas for Salt Lake City homes to help you choose the ideal color for your shutters.

Suggestions For Installing White Polywood In Your Home

White Polywood shutters in a large dining area. 

White goes with everything and never goes out of style. If you want window treatments that you will never have to switch even as you redesign your home, go with white Polywood shutters. They complement all types of decor and will stay in fashion. White is the leading shutter color by a wide margin.

But which type of white shutter might you choose? That is dependent on the additional colors in your interior. Off-white shutters coordinate nicely with beiges and creams and add warmth to an otherwise neutral palette. Bright white works with gray to create a fresh, up-to-date appearance. And basic white is suitable for all interiors!

Numerous Salt Lake City residents choose a white tone that matches their trim for a synchronized feel. But you could also pair white shutters with painted or stained wood trim for dramatic contrast. If you think that white choices are too plain but you enjoy Polywood shutters’ outstanding efficiency and tilt control, add a vibrant fabric valance or curtains to enhance your shutters. You’ll still get the various benefits of interior shutters, and they’ll invariably coordinate with whatever secondary covering you integrate as trends evolve.

Ideas For Using Stained Wood Shutters In Your Salt Lake City Home

Ovation shutters above a leather couch

Salt Lake City homeowners who wish to have a more conventional style or have an inclination for a more natural feel in their homes might appreciate wood shutters. You could also consider natural wood plantation shutters if you live in a historical home or a property with lots of wood features, like an American craftsman home.

Ovation wood shutters are available in 27 different stains, so there are a wealth of options to explore. The most straightforward method to determine a shutter color is to find a stain that’s the same as other wood details in your home. You can even consider your best-loved decor types for inspiration. Popular farmhouse and beach-inspired decors have a tendency to utilize gray or white-washed wood. Scandinavian style prefers lighter wood colors, and the resurgence of mid-century modern has made medium-tone wood popular again.

Tips For Using Painted Wood Shutters

Black painted wood shutters in a corner window area. 
You can also install painted wood shutters. You’ll see them in gray, black, white, and beige to harmonize with your current decor. You might use beige or white shutters for a space with a neutral, monochrome palette. Black shutters work with current trends that use black window trim. You might even select a color that goes with other elements in the room like your furniture, rug, or a door.

On the other hand, steer clear of bold or bright colors -- like blue, green, and red. These might appear to be a great idea when you first get them, but they seriously limit the way you decorate the rest of your area in the future. And it’s hard, if not out of the question, to paint your interior shutters after they are positioned, which often voids the warranty.

We’re Your Source For Interior Shutter Color Ideas In Salt Lake City

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