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How To Pick A Plantation Shutter Frame In Salt Lake City

January 04, 2024

The frame is an essential facet of your plantation shutters. It holds the shutter panels in position and finalizes the look of your window and shutters. But how do you choose a frame that works on your windows and your home’s decor? Your window treatment expert at Sunburst Shutters Salt Lake City will help you figure out the perfect frame. Before then, you may explore the possibilities for plantation shutter frames in Salt Lake City.

The Two Kinds Of Plantation Shutter Frame In Salt Lake City

Close up of a Polywood shutter Z frame

Interior shutter frames can be found in two choices: L-frames and Z-frames. These names describe the frame pieces’ shape. L-frames have a simple L shape. A cross-section of a Z-frame resembles the letter Z. Multiple variables will determine if you should install an L- or Z-frame.

You may choose a Z-frame

  • For inside-mounted shutters only
  • On circular or arched windows
  • For the widest opening clearance
  • To hide imperfect caulking
  • To disguise uneven window angles
  • On windows that lack existing trim/casing

Choose interior shutter L-frames in your Salt Lake City home

  • For inside- or outside-mounted shutters
  • When there is already window casing
  • When you wish to extend the depth of the window casing to create more area for the shutter louvers to operate

When To Use An Outside- or Inside-Mount Frame

Outside-mount Polywood shutters on two bedroom windows

You’ll also have to select between an outside- or inside-mounted frame. Outside mounts attach to the wall around your window. Inside mounts attach within the window opening and may sit flush with the casing or finishing trim found around the border of the window.

Whether you select an outside-mount or inside-mount plantation shutter frame in Salt Lake City usually depends on your window. You can use outside-mount frames on the majority of windows. Select this type of frame to cover trim you don’t like or incorporate appealing trim to your windows. You also should use an outside-mount frame on tilt-in windows and casement windows featuring a crank handle.

An inside-mounted frame can impede the function of these window types. But, they are excellent for deep windows and instances when you want to showcase the current trim. Your window treatment expert can tell you what type of shutter frame is best for your windows and exhibit how they will appear.

Choosing A Beautiful Frame Style To Blend With Your Decor

Polywood shutters in a decorative frame above a couch

After you determine what type of frame you require and how it should mount, you can consider the style. Shutter frames come in a variety of styles, from ornamental to flat, narrow, and wide. Choose one that speaks to your decorating tastes. You might also keep your home’s architecture under consideration. If you own a Craftsman home, consider a Craftsman frame. Or you may choose a frame that resembles your baseboards and crown molding.

Different lines of interior shutters offer different frame styles. For instance, Polywood shutters are available in more choices than Ovation® wood shutters. So, if you’ve already picked a particular shutter material, that will narrow down the number of frame options. Finally, Sunburst’s Shutter Designer tool will demonstrate how different frames will look. When you find a frame that appeals to you, ask your window treatment expert to help you finalize your custom shutters!

Explore Your Custom Interior Shutter Frame Options At Sunburst

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