Wooden Ovation shutters with dark wood within a living room corner.

Faux Wood Shutters VS Real Wood Shutters in Salt Lake City

October 21, 2022

When searching for plantation shutters in Salt Lake City, you may choose between real wood or wood substitute shutters. First off, you have faux wood shutters -- such as our Polywood® shutters -- in versatile white that give you an unprecedented level of energy efficiency. On the other hand, you have the rich, appealing colors of our inspired wood Ovation® shutters.

They both have distinctive characteristics to meet your window treatment requirements. Thankfully, there’s a shutter to be found for all residents when looking at faux wood shutters vs. real wood shutters in Salt Lake City.

For The Best In Efficiency, Pick Polywood Shutters

 White Polywood shutters above a kitchen sink.

High-efficiency window treatments insulate windows, hindering cold drafts and hot UV rays to sustain your comfort and decrease utility costs. Faux wood Polywood shutters provide the best insulation. Outdoor air and sunlight are unable to get through their firm manufactured material, and all of their components are constructed to fasten tightly whenever you wish to cover windows. Polywood shutters also come with patented weatherstripping that provides unmatched insulation.

If you have them closed, Polywood shutters provide insulation that is 70% better than real wood shutters. You’ll see a noticeable improvement when using them on extremely cold or hot days. With that being said, wood shutters deliver more energy savings than window blinds and shades do.

For More Color Options, Consider Ovation Shutters

 Dark wood Ovation shutters in a small dining room area.

Both wood and faux wood shutters look stunning in every Salt Lake City residence. Be that as it may, each has its own look to complement your individual style. While white Polywood shutters appear fresh and contemporary, wood shutters are both inviting and distinguished. However, if you have a precise look you wish to incorporate, Ovation shutters with their various color choices might be the right way to go.

Polywood shutters come in three shades of classic white. While white works with everything, if your unique decor needs an alternate type of elegant neutral color or wood stain, consider Ovation shutters. These window coverings can be customized with 13 paint choices and 27 stain options! They will match the wood details in your home or bring a dazzling element of nature to your design.

In Terms Of Durability, Polywood Stands Victorious

White Polywood shutters on large dining room windows. 

When it comes to real wood shutters vs. faux wood shutters in Salt Lake City, faux wood is the clear choice for durability. Polywood shutters withstand harm from excess humidity, extreme temperatures, insects, mold, and sunshine. They won’t tear, crack, bend, or discolor. You are able to place them in your coldest, sunniest, or dampest spots without thinking twice. They’ll hold up for decades in any area of your residence and even within your garage!

Ovation wood shutters offer impressive durability for a natural wood product. As the only 5-star wood shutters in the world, they feature the finest quality materials and build to promote a long lifespan. And even though they aren’t suitable for damp bathrooms, the wood is treated to resist humidity as much as possible.

Let Sunburst Shutters Salt Lake City Help You Pick Between Faux Wood Shutters Vs. Real Wood Shutters In Salt Lake City

Can’t make a choice between real wood or Polywood shutters in Salt Lake City? Seeing them close up is sure to help. Call the experts of Sunburst Shutters Salt Lake City by dialing 801-515-3598 or fill out the following form to schedule a free on-site meeting. An skilled consultant will present our products and let you see what they look like on your windows.